Our Story

We practically grew up in the cigar industry, unlike our father, Alan Rubin, who came from the nuts and bolts business. He followed his passion and started Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Under his guidance we learned to appreciate the tradition of cigars (the history, the blending, the agriculture, the social significance) years before we ever took our first puff. When we came of age we experienced the love of tobacco that our father had and set out to follow in his footsteps. Alec has been working in different capacities at Alec Bradley for over 3 years. Bradley joined the company in a full time capacity just over six months ago. For years we have been going to the factories and fields- working on our craft. We both new that one day we would join Alec Bradley Cigar Co. as ‘Second Generation Cigar Makers.’

Our First Release- Blind Faith

Under the mentorship of our father and his trusted confidante, Ralph Montero, we set out to create a sub-section of Alec Bradley Cigar Co. with a feel we could call our own. We decided that our ‘brand’ and blends would have no rules. We just want to let the creativity flow. Blind Faith is our first release- and the packaging and blend reflects what we enjoy and how we want to make our mark on the cigar industry.

Since this is our first release, Tobacconists and enthusiasts alike need to have ‘blind faith’ since this is our first attempt at launching our own cigar line. It was awe inspiring when our father and Ralph (the VP of Alec Bradley) gave us autonomy to go wild with tobacco and design. They had confidence that our success would be found in our experiences, our triumphs and our mistakes.

Easily noticed when looking at the Blind Faith artwork is that it is a style unseen in the cigar industry. While looking at it, you would never guess it is an Alec Bradley product, that’s because it isn’t. It’s an Alec and Bradley product. Our father wanted to give his us the creative freedom to put out whatever we felt was the best representations of ourselves. While Alec Bradley has a consistent and easily recognizable brand the A&B lines will have no guidelines. The Blind Faith blend is in a style unseen within Alec Bradley- the cigar is much bolder in flavor profile than the rest of the line. We created a blend that speaks to enthusiasts looking for more “oomph” to it. While Alec Bradley blends for flavor first, with strength the possibility as a byproduct- we decided to put strength at the forefront and tailor flavor around that.  

When it comes to the packaging, it may look like a guy with an old television on his head and the old school SMPTE colored bars, there is a deeper meaning to the artwork. Today’s society is heavily influenced by technology, including cellphones, tablets, computers and TVs. The meaning of the TV man is to block out the noise created by technology. People are too focused on what they see on social media or what they are saying on the news and it can positively or negatively influence their days and lives. So to truly enjoy Blind Faith, you need to clear your head from any and all influence that technology has had on your day. If you saw something on the news that made you sad/angry, turn off your television or cellphone and pick up a Blind Faith!

-Alec & Bradley Rubin  

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