Cigar Aficionado – Alec And Bradley Blend Their First Cigar For Alec Bradley

Cigar Aficionado – Alec And Bradley Blend Their First Cigar For Alec Bradley

When Alan Rubin started Alec Bradley Cigar Co. in 1996, he named it after his two sons, Alec and Bradley. Today, they work with their father and now they have created a cigar of their own. Rubin gave his sons some guidance on the blending process, but this cigar is all theirs—and they’ve called it Blind Faith by Alec & Bradley.

“This is truly their project,” said Rubin. “And one that represents their vision.”

At 26 years old, Alec Rubin is the older of the two sons and started working for the company during summer vacations when he was 12, packing and shipping orders in the company’s Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, warehouse.

“Now, when I am in the office I focus on marketing and promotions,” Alec said. “And when I’m on the road I am providing sales support and doing events.”

His younger brother Bradley, 22, also started in fulfillment before moving to accounting and then learning to make sales calls.

“Now, I mainly focus my efforts on marketing, social media, sales promotions and helping our territory managers work more efficiently,” Bradley said.

Both brothers have gone down to Central America once a month for the past six months to understand the full process behind cigar production.

“On my first trip down to the factories, I worked with the supervisors on creating blends and immediately realized this was going to be much more difficult than I expected,” Alec said. “Since then I have been completely immersed in creating a blend that I could be proud to call my own and would want to smoke myself.”

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